Big Bad Greetings! 12/12/01 10:02 am


Just thought I would pay some respect to the LPMB. You guys are fantastic. I frequently visit the message board to read your posts, but, unfortunately, I never remembered the password Slice assigned me. So when we met up at a recent show, I made sure he re-registered me. And this time I wrote the password down!

One thing I really enjoy about the board is how creative many of you have been in personalizing your windows. Also, props to those who keep it positive. When we created this forum, our intention was to create ways for LP fans to interact, discuss the music, and basically, have fun. So I hope you're all happy with the site, especially as it continues to evolve.

I'm also really excited about the site. We've worked hard to provide even more content and community-building features on this fanclub-exclusive-site. Oh, and while we're on the subject, I'd like to address a comment I've seen about the fact that this is a paid fanclub. In creating the LP underground, we worked long and hard to give you guys the greatest value for the least amount of money. And just so you know, the band put up the start-up costs with their own money, and it will quite possibly run at a loss in the long run. However, if there is a surplus of money, it will go straight back to the members in the form of additional giveaways.

You guys are the most important thing in the world to what we are trying to accomplish as a band. And trust me, each of the members of this band cares a lot about you. One of our favorite things to do is to brainstorm and work on new ideas to involve you guys in what we are doing.

The core of our fanbase is what matters. Seeing the dedication of our streetteam, our fanclub, and all the hardcore LP supporters around the world is inspiring, and I only hope that we can continue to give back to you with the same passion and spirit with which you support our music.



P.S. Props to BBB communities on the LPMB