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Age: 23
Location: Massachusetts, USA MB name: Rotten Apple
Linkin Park Underground name: Alison
Fact: Alison and her friends gave LP a pig with Linkin Pork written on it, which Mike later called "the strangest gift we've ever received" when he answered fans' questions on the LPMB.

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What happened to this website?
Originally, was run by Paula, from england, and Alison, from the USA, who met online on the LPMB. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Paula decided to leave the site, and deleted all the DVD pictures as well as some other content when she left. After that, Alison lost interest in the site. So it died. Too bad.

What is "Gonna Meet a Rock Star" and where did it take place?
"Gonna Meet a Rock Star" is a show on Much Music, which is a canadian music channel. The guy who got to meet LP was from Canada, but the show took place in New York City.

Is the girl thats sitting next to Mike in the Gonna Meet a Rock Star pictures, his girlfriend? (see picture here)
No. She is the girlfriend of the guy who got to meet Linkin Park.

Have you met LP?
Yes, I have. My pictures from these times are in the "Exclusive Pictures" sections, and a few are in the "fan pictures" section.

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