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here are some more answers to FAQ's...
(phoenix has joined me to answer some questions)

Anyways,i just wanted to ask you what's the strangest thing a fan has ever given you? -flying leper
M: one of the strangest things was a stuffed-animal pig doll with "linkin pork" written on it.
[Webmaster's Note: This was given to Mike by one of the webmasters of this site, Alison, and her friends.]

anywayz i just wondered do u have a favorite track off hybrid theory? and which song means the most to you? -scotty b
M: we all like "papercut" a lot, and i had a good time writing the lyrics to "a place for my head" was therapeutic

Which has been your most favourite song to a) write b) film the video for c) perform live d) listen to -iworshipmikeshinoda
Phoenix: a) see above b) crawling live video from the dragon festival c) points of authority d) any song by thomas d (hahaha)

If you could give me some feedback, what is a good type of mic, and turntables? -Keenan2104
M: shure sm58 & technics 1200 are the standard

1) Who were and are your biggest influences?
2) In "One Step Closer", does Brad do natural or artificial harmonics during the intro? -I3rian64
M: 1) we have too many to name...i think there are a few listed in the bio 2) natural harmonics

Who was the most hardout LP fan you have meet? -wHoViDaNZ
M: Phoenix's mom...she was analyzing my lyrics and reciting them to me at dinner!

I have a very important question to ask...How are you?..I love it when people ask me that -Craxzy4LinkinPark
M: what a nice question. we're fine. how are you?

1 when did u realise u could make a career out of music + what was ur inspiration??? 2 theres a wee angry looking guy mear the back of ur album cover saying something in Japanese, whats he saying??? -Girl from mars
P: 1) i still don't know 2) the guy is speaking jibberish //Mike: we didn't want him to be saying anything. we put a bunch of nonsense japanese on the back because i thought it would be funny for people to make up all kinds of rumors about it...

Do you hang out with the fans after every show? M: yes
Do you like sports? P: yes, soccer
Which things do you do at this site? M: i art direct, and make some of the banners. P: i post rumors on the message board
Do you know who started all this crap about linkin park being manufactured and being a boyband, because that really pissed me (and everyone else at this site) off
M: we think that magazines made it up just to sell copies...controversy makes for an interesting story. but it's obviously a lie, which is kinda upsetting.
Do you know any other languages than english? p: a little spanish m: me too

hey mike im not sure if this has been asked but how long have u been playing guitar? -lilhellkitty
M: for about five years, i think, but usually pretty casually. not as much as brad, for example. but enough to be able to write parts for songs

"Chester vs. Mike" 1.)Have you ever looked at your relationship with Chester as a contest? 2.)How does seeing that make you feel? -Tinana_Banana
1)'s like playing sports together; you want to support eveyone on your team. 2) i don't pay attention

I was wondering if you guys will be remixing any more older (EP) songs for the new album. -CheeseKilla
P: probably not, because we want to develop new stuff

M: graphic design and art. or working with other bands.

My teeny bopping cousin came running over with...Hear'Says album...i glanced down and song number 2 was..... one step closer. -pie
M: hahaha...did you know that fear factory has a new song called one step closer, too? i think it's great.

go ahead and ask more questions...just read the other posts i made, so that there aren't any repeated questions! i'm hoping that some of the other guys will help me answer...