Naysayers beware

I am the real Phoenix, even if I'm labeled as a "newbie." However, the title thing wasn't changed when the site was overhauled... so I've notified the proper authority, and we'll see what happens. In the meantime, the lpmb Warriors live on... "can you dig it!?!" It you haven't seen the movie, the Warriors, than you just don't know. If you have, then you are definitely all the cooler for it. And for all you haters, you can continue to wait in anticipation for your new B Spears movie. To shift gears a bit, we're enjoying some time off at the moment, but i'm looking forward to the Project Revolution tour, and in addition, to start meeting all the lp undergrounders. Thanks for everyones' kind words about our music, and the DVD. All of your support is paramount to what we do. And for all of you planning on coming out for the Project Revolution tour, be prepared! To those of you who recognize that this is really me, thanks!... and to those of you who don't... you're alright in my book too.